Cancer Center

Kolan International Hospital aiming to be one of the full-fledged centers on cancer investigations and treatment adopts preventive medical service and personalized diagnosis and treatment approaches. Persons at risk are examined by a professional medical team experienced in multidisciplinary approach with high technology devices. All these examinations are of great importance for early diagnosis of cancer. Services provided include screening programs for early diagnosis of cancer, identification of healthy persons at risk for cancer and informing relatives of these persons on protection from cancer.


Radiotherapy is a frequently used practice in cancer treatment and aims to treat tissue with cancer or some benign tumors. Rays used in radiotherapy are aimed to cease the growth of or kill cancer cells in treated area. Patients can be treated by radiotherapy together with chemotherapy in pre- and post-operative processes based on individual assessment of each patient. In Radiation Oncology, successful results can be obtained with modern methods and high technology devices and by adopting a multidisciplinary approach.   


In Kolan International Hospital, cancer cases are approached with a multidisciplinary point of view. Patients are assessed by a council of professionals from different branches and treated with a method decided by the council. 


Removal of tissue with cancer by surgical methods is still one of the most effective options to fully treat the disease and increase life expectancy evidently. In Kolan International Hospital, successful practices can be applied without compromising cancer surgery principles in all kinds of cases.

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