Reproductive Health Center

“Couples who want to have a baby but may be having problems experience various physical, emotional and social difficulties while using assisted reproductive techniques. They endure a lot of sufferings and troubles in self-sacrificing struggle to achieve the expected happy ending: making doctor visits, undergoing various tests and procedures, using medicines, nervous waiting periods to obtain results following all procedures, financial burden required for treatment etc. We will be by your side to help you go through this troublesome but exciting period in the most comfortable and peaceful way.

Kolan International Hospital In-Vitro Fertilization Center, with specialist doctors in their fields, primarily investigates the reasons of problems blocking your pregnancy or arising during pregnancy. Thereafter, the most appropriate treatment is determined, and necessary procedures are sequentially performed. A large team of specialist doctors in gynecology, embryology, andrology, perinatology and psychology fields and all other personnel make a great effort to lead you to a happy ending.

In our in-vitro fertilization center, transferred embryos can be constantly monitored and controlled. Recent scientific studies revealed that provision of ideal stabilization under laboratory conditions and constant monitoring increase pregnancy ratios. In Kolan International Hospital In-Vitro Fertilization Center, these conditions can be provided with an experienced team and high-technology devices such as special microscopes allowing the selection of best sperm and eggs, modern incubators and embryoscopes and alarm systems for constant monitoring of embryos, thereby increasing the possibility of positive results for embryos within this setting.

“Treatment of male infertility is suggested to be easier and have a higher chance of success compared to female infertility.” Studies reveal that primary reasons of male infertility are hormonal, genetic, previously experienced inflammatory diseases, congenital abnormalities and environmental and chemical factors. In Kolan International Hospital providing all necessary andrological procedures, all kinds of modern diagnosis and treatment strategies are applied.

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