Bariatric (Obesity) Surgery

Free yourself with Bariatric Surgery

Obesity, which is the most important disease of this age, causes both chronic diseases and loss of life comfort. Today, the most effective treatment of obesity is surgery in the context of long-term weight loss and elimination of co-morbidities. Obesity surgery is also a remarkable option for individuals who have tried out all methods and could not lose weight. Both the surgeons and the center should be successful. Surgeons, who will perform the surgery, and the center, where the surgery will be carried out, should have skills and equipment, respectively, which are required for treatment modalities of obesity, which is recognized as an age-related condition. Good outcomes require assessment of patients, especially individuals with morbid obesity and super-obesity, by a multi-disciplinary team. 360-degree Follow-Up with Bariatric Surgery Team The “Bariatric Surgery Team” consists of surgeon, cardiologist, chest diseases physician, intensivist, anesthesiologist and endocrinologist, along with dietician, psychologist and specialist nurses, who are highly effective in the success of the bariatric surgery. At the same time, the technical equipment of the center also plays an important role in the success of the surgery.