Kolan International Hospital Accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI)

Quality and patient safety are among the most important issues in the services provided in health institutions. Joint Commission International (JCI), one of the international health accreditation bodies serving this purpose, is a non-profit, independent, international accreditation body focused on improving the quality and safety of health care services. Joint Commission International is the international division of the world’s largest accreditor, JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations), which accredits nearly 20,000 health institutions in the United States. Focusing on processes related to patient care quality and patient safety, JCI Accreditation standards address the hospital as a whole and build patient care rules on this fundamental idea. World 1000, Turkey also 49 medical institutions have been accredited by JCI. Turkey ranks 6th in the world with the number of accredited institutions. Şişli Kolan International Hospital has obtained the JCI accreditation certificate in June 2017 and has proved that the health services it provides comply with the most accepted and accepted authority JCI standards in the world. Şişli Kolan International Hospital employees are trained to provide the best service to our patients with the goal of continuous improvement by receiving training on many issues, especially patient safety and patient rights;

  • Preventing medical errors by keeping patient safety in the foreground,
  • To provide services by respecting the rights of patients and their families,
  • To ensure that the patient and his family are informed about all the procedures to be performed and their approvals are taken, to support the patient’s participation in the treatment,
  • To adopt a multidisciplinary approach and to get opinions from all branches when necessary,
  • Focus on patient satisfaction,
  • To ensure the effectiveness of the communication between the health workers and the patient and family,
  • Determining the educational needs of the patient and his / her family and providing the necessary trainings,
  • To provide the highest level of patient care at every stage of treatment,
  • Protecting patient privacy,
  • To create a common platform on medical terms and concepts,
  • To ensure the correct and complete preparation of medical records, to ensure the safety and continuity of treatment,
  • Reduce errors, identify risks and reduce costs with feedback from patients and employees,
  • In case of disaster, the institution is ready for every possibility.

Şişli Kolan Hospital works to provide this service to its patients under the most appropriate conditions by providing international standards in many subjects such as patient safety, infection control and prevention, patient care, patient evaluation, risk management, personnel training, information management and facility security.

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